Solar Panels Southampton

Solar Panels Southampton Centre

Many people in the UK are turning towards alternative power sources as a means of saving money on their living costs. There are many installers ready to fit solar panels in Southampton to make you home a little greener.

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There are many benefits to installing solar panels on your home in Southampton, including: reduced energy bills – you can save on average around £60-£70 per year on your electricity bills, Feed in tariff payments of around £600 per year, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions of around one tonne per year.

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An Introduction to Southampton

An Introduction to Southampton

Southampton is a large city in the South of England and can be found on the south coast of England and is the largest city in it’s county (Hampshire). Southampton is home to a port from which the RMS Titanic departed and soon after sank famously in the Atlantic ocean after colliding with an iceberg on it’s maiden voyage to New York.

Today, Southampton’s major employers include the University of Southampton and the factory that produces the Ford Transit – one of Europe’s best selling light commercial vehicles for the past 40 years. Southampton was granted it’s city status back in 1964 and currently holds a population of around 240,000 people. To many of these people, solar panels represent a sensible investment and many have chosen to go down this route to cut down on ever-rising electricity costs.

The city is home to around 240,000 people, ranking it at position fifty six for total population out of all of the English districts. It was grated it’s city status in 1964 and was first settled in AD43.

The location of Southampton makes it a perfect area for installing solar panels on your home. Being about as far south as you can get is great for maximising the amount of sun you get and thus, the amount of free electricity you produce.