Solar Panels Sheffield

Solar Panels installed in Sheffield

The recession in the UK and worldwide has sent living costs spiralling upwards. Electricity bills in particular have risen considerably, leading people to look for sources of renewable energy such as solar panels. Sheffield is home to numerous local solar panel installers as well as being served by the national installers.

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Fit your home in Sheffield with solar panels and you can enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Reduce your energy bills.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Generate additional tax free income.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

Due to the methods by which we currently generate electricity, the UK is pumping out masses of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is rapidly destroying our planet. These emissions can be reduced in any number of ways but one method many UK residents are using to fit there homes with a solar PV system. These do much more than just cut down on emissions though – electricity bills can be massively reduced and, at the same time, any unused electricity that is generated by solar panels is fed back onto the national grid, generating a bonus tax-free income of up to £1000 a year (or more!)

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An Introduction to Sheffield

An Introduction to Sheffield

Sheffield is a large UK city found in the boro of South YorkshireIt currently has a large population of over five hundred and fifty thousand people and was granted it’s city status in 1893. The name Sheffield is derived from the name of the river that runs through the city – the river sheaf.

Also known as ‘the steel city’, Sheffield has a strong reputation internationally for producing steel, which was it’s main industry during the 19th century. Both the crucible technique and stainless steel were discovered locally in Sheffield resulting in a huge influx of people during the industrial revolution. In the 1970’s and 80’s however, iron and steel were beginning to be produced more cost effectively internationally, and this outside competition induced a rapid decline of metal production in Sheffield. Although the vastness of the steel production in Sheffield has been decreased, the city still has a reputation for expertise in this field.

Sheffield is known to be a very green city – stretching into the peak district, over 60% of the city is green space and the many woodlands, parks and fields (over 200) give Sheffield the highest tree to person ratio of any city in Europe. the city centre is also home to many tourist attractions and interesting architecture, as well as a strong cultural art base. Visitors will be attracted to areas like the peace gardens and the winter gardens – a beautiful indoor garden housed in a stunning piece of architecture. Then of course there is the crucible theatre, the home of the Snooker world championships in addition to the numerous other theatres, cinemas and art galleries. Sheffield has an affluent shopping district as well as the 140,000 square metre Meadowhall shopping centre, which lies just northeast of the Sheffield city centre. Meadowhall has over 280 stores all under one roof and continues to be a huge draw to the public – often being blamed for many shop closures within the city centre.

Sheffield is excellently linked within the UK, sitting very close to both the M1 and M18 motorways. Many major railway routes also run through the city centre and the city centre itself is served by many bus services and a tram, run by the company Stagecoach.

Sheffield has a good reputation for education, with two universities – the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. in 2009 the University of Sheffield was ranked 40th out of all of the Universities in the world, and 25th in the UK.