Solar Panels Nottingham

Solar Panels in Nottingham

Increased living costs in the UK are causing many people to look at alternative, renewable energy sources – many of which are choosing solar panels. Nottingham has many solar panel installers, both locally and nationally ready to equip your home with solar panels.

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Fit your home in Nottingham with solar panels and you can enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Reduce your energy bills.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Generate additional tax free income.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

Currently, the majority of the UKs electricity is generated through the burning of fossil fuels or nuclear power. This is slowly damaging our planet, particularly the emissions from burning fossil fuels. Utilising solar panels on your house helps to reduce these emissions at the same time as saving you money on your heating or electricity bills. What’s more, by making the most of the government’s Feed In Tariffs (FITs) you can earn up to or over £1000 per year by returning unused electricity back onto the national grid.

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An Introduction to Nottingham

An Introduction to Nottingham

Nottingham is a large, lively city located in the East Midlands in England. It is situated in the county of Nottinghamshire and gained city status in 1897 when, as part of her diamond jubilee celebrations, Queen Victoria granted Nottingham it’s city charter. Covering nearly twenty nine square miles, and holding a population of over three hundred thousand, Nottingham is one of the UKs larger cities, taking the spot of the seventh largest.

Nottingham and nottinghamshire are famous for the legend of Robin Hood who was said to have lived in Sherwood forest. The city is also famous for it’s lace-making and bicycle manufacturing for which it gained worldwide recognition during the industrial revolution.

Nottingham was formed in Anglo-saxon times, in approximately 600AD. Since then, the population has grown from less than thirty seven to over the three hundred thousand that live there today. In 1901 the city was kitted out with electric trams that revolutionised the town centre’s public transport and ease of travel in the local areas. However, just thirty five years later, the bus system replaced the trams entirely after the road networks were given a vast revamp. Today, the city is the base of a number of large companies, including Boots the chemist and E.ON UK.

The climate in Nottingham is much like the rest of the UK. Being positioned around the middle of England, it recieves an average amount of sun when compared with the more Northerly or Southerly areas of the country. This makes Nottingham a good candidate for solar panels. In 2011, a whole village was fitted with solar panels due to the imminent feed in tariff cuts. So why not join them, and turn your house into a money making machine and energy saver today.