Solar Panels Bristol


With living costs in the UK spiralling, many homeowners are turning to sources of renewable energy to power and heat their homes. The most common form of renewable energy is through the use of solar panels. Bristol has a selection of local solar panel installers in addition to the national installers that serve the Bristol area.

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Equipping your home in Bristol with solar panels brings with it a number of benefits:

  • Reduce your energy bills.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Generate additional tax free income.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

Burning fossil fuels to produce electricity for your home produces harmful emissions that are slowly hurting our planet. By installing solar panels on your home you not only help to reduce these emissions but you will also save money on your electricity or heating bills. Not only this, but the Feed in Tariffs brought in by the government allow you to ‘sell’ any leftover electricity generated back to the national grid – often bringing in payments of over £1000 per year.

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An Introduction to Bristol

An Introduction to Bristol

Birstol is a large city located in the south west region on England. Bristol covers an area of over forty two square miles and can be found between the borders of two other counties – Gloustershire and Somerset. It is it’s own county as well as being the name of the city. Currently, Bristol is home to over four hundred and forty thousand people with a density of nine and a half thousand people per square mile. It is the city with the eighth largest population in the United Kingdom, and houses more people than any other city in the southwest of England.

In 1155 Bristol was handed it’s royal charter, officially staking it’s claim as a city, then in 1373 it was granted county status. Before the industrial revolution, during which other cities like Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool made a meteoric rise, Bristol was counted among the top three cities in the United Kingdom, based on tax receipts.

Bristol is heavily linked with waterway – it sits on the river avon as well as sharing part of the severn estuary coastline which then forms the Bristol channel. Since the area was first found, the town has been linked with the sea, with the docks once forming the city centre. During the 15th century, Bristol was home to one of the most important ports in the country, linking it to closer local countries for trading, as well as venturing farther afield to the likes of Spain and the Mediterranean. Eventually, a number of explorers left bristol to venture across the Atlantic on voyages that brought them to what is now the United States of America. As time went on, competition from other larger cities in the north as well as the wars in France brought a relatively abrupt halt to the nautical leadership that Bristol once held.