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Blackpool Tower

The increased cost of living throughout the UK and worldwide is hitting everyone. One way to combat those rising bills is to install solar panels. Blackpool has a number of local MCS accredited installers and is served by many national installers.

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By installing solar panels on your home in Blackpool you can take advantage of numerous benefits:

  • Reduce your energy bills.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Generate additional tax free income.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

The amount of harmful emissions that are being released into the atmosphere has been slowly damaging our planet over the last few decades. Even recently, global warming has had a huge impact on the climate of our planet, and the habitats of many species of wildlife. Solar panels can help dramatically cut down on the amount of pollution that we release into the atmosphere while at the same time, reducing our electricity bills. What’s more, the Feed in Tariff scheme brought in by the government means that any excess electricity that is generated by the solar panels can be solad back to the national grid, earning up to £1000 per year.

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An Introduction to Blackpool

An Introduction to Blackpool

Blackpool is medium sized town located in the county of Lancashire on the west coast of the United Kingdom, alongside the Irish Sea. The population of Blackpool is currently around 138,000 people and the population density ranks it as being the forth most densely populated borough throughout Wales and England, excluding Greater London. The town is also in position three of the most populated settlements in the west of the UK, behind Liverpool and Manchester.

Best known as one of the UKs top tourist destinations, Blackpool drew in millions of visitors from the mid-18th century onwards, when people started to see the benefit of bathing in the sea water during the summer months. Since the start of this holiday boom, the population of the town grew massively and the transport systems were improved with newly built roads and regular stagecoaches to help tourists get around. Later, a railway was built which enabled more centralised people travel to the coast much more cheaply than was previously possible which further grew Blackpool as a settlement and tourist destination. To date, despite the urge for many of the UKs population to travel overseas on their holidays, Blackpool remains one of the top tourist destinations in England and the seafront still attracts millions of visitors every year. There are many attractions like the Blackpool Tower, the Illuminations and Pleasure Beach theme park which help pull in the visitors time and time again.

There are plenty of installers of solar panels in Blackpool as well as a plethora of other local trades. Blackpool enjoys a rather large number of self employed people as well as small businesses, but there are aslo a number of large businesses and corporations based in blackball. For example, “National Savings and Investment” which is owned by the British government is based locally, as well as the car company TVR, which has now been relocated elsewhere.

Like the rest of the United Kingdom, Blackpool has a temperate maritime climate, meaning that the temperature range throughout the year is rather limited and there is also rainfall throughout the year and regular high winds. the town is as good as any for installing solar panels but the coastline postion makes it also a good candidate for wind turbines and sea-based renewable energy forms.